Beware of the S&P 500 Resistance Zone Above.

By Todd Gordon
February 12, 2019

The S&P 500 is approaching a major zone of resistance above and the battle is sure to be fierce. But be cautious as the battleground is sure to be littered with the bodies of technical analysis noobies coming out of the wood work. Here’s why and how we’re going to handle it. Don’t forget to sign up for Elliott Wave Wednesday this week @ 8:45am don’t forget to set a reminder!

Trading Analysis Todd Gordon

Trading Analysis Todd Gordon

Head Trading Analyst and Founder

Todd has been trading for the last 20+ Years. His goal is to not only provide insightful analysis and trade alerts, but as the quote from the infamous trading classic states, we show you how to think and grow as a professional trader. Todd uses Elliott Wave analysis to trading his edge. Todd has not only traded his money professionally he has also worked at two different hedge funds doing analysis and research. Click Here To Learn More Todd Gordon