Catching Bitcoin: How we missed the Bitcoin bottom… by $20!

By TradingAnalysis
December 27, 2018

What a year in Cryptocurrencies…

During the Holidays exactly 1 year ago, Bitcoin was all anyone talked about. In the news, social media, and even during Holiday meals…

… I remember family members who’ve never traded before asking if they should get in on Bitcoin.

Smart traders could already tell market sentiment was at an extremely bullish level.

Even Google searches for the term “Bitcoin” showed a similar pattern:

Before Christmas on December 17, 2017, Bitcoin reached its all-time high of over $19,000.

After a sharp decline to start the year and a painful slow moving downtrend, Summer gave us little to no action.

But now, Bitcoin is finally back on the rise.

While price action wasn’t always there, our team was.

We profited from our short positions and followed wave patterns to capture the next move.

Our cryptocurrency analyst Aleks, called a 16-month low in Bitcoin around the $3,100 range.

He was actually off by around $20, but our subscribers were happy to receive long alerts as Bitcoin swung up.

Watch this video to learn how we called this bottom and take a peek at what our plan of action for Bitcoin is right now.

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Trading Analysis Aleksandar

Trading Analysis Aleksandar

Chief Blockchain Analyst

Aleksandar has been trading and analyzing markets with Elliott Wave for over 10 years. He is our lead analyst for the Blockchain crypto service and will also head up our forth-coming Forex service. Aleks works closely with our CEO Todd Gordon on market analysis and trading opportunities. Aleks has worked at an International Treasury and on an institutional trading desk many years.