Macro Update with Alex

Alexander November 16, 2020

In this video we will look at some of the asset classes which affect and influences most of the world economies. The US Dollar and Oil prices are lifelines on the financial and production side, while the US 10-Yr Yield is a barometer of sorts which can be useful in determining future central bank interest rate decisions and outlook on the economy. Finally, we will touch on Gold, which has been a classic safe-haven hideout during turbulent times.

Trading Analysis Aleksandar

Trading Analysis Aleksandar

Chief Blockchain Analyst

Aleksandar has been trading and analyzing markets with Elliott Wave for over 10 years. He is our lead analyst for the Blockchain crypto service and will also head up our forth-coming Forex service. Aleks works closely with our CEO Todd Gordon on market analysis and trading opportunities. Aleks has worked at an International Treasury and on an institutional trading desk many years.

One bullish stock to play Health care and Tech

With Covid-19 case counts on the rise again, Teladoc, a stock at the crossroads of health care and technology, could be an ideal bet for investors looking for ways to brace for possible volatility.

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