Motive Diagonals

By Bennett Tindle January 25, 2021

Hey there traders & investors! On January 6th I published a video update suggesting the January 4th selloff in the markets was simply a 4th wave correction, and outlined a path to new all time highs. In fact, I’ve been calling most corrections as buying opportunities since the the November 9th market top, and the indexes continue to deliver. Once again, I feel the move lower in the markets today was yet another 4th wave correction, shaking out weak hands before the ramp higher into our 3890 upside S&P 500 objective. However, unlike previous 4th wave corrections, based on my Elliott Wave interpretation of the markets it could prove to be terminal and yield a correction larger than anything we’ve seen since the March 2020 market bottom. Be sure to tune in and join me as I review three signs I’ll be watching for to help pinpoint the next 10%+ market correction.

TA Live! Wednesday Live Stream w/ Todd Gordon – 1/27/2021

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