Sector Spin – Chinese Internet Stocks

By Terry Long November 12, 2020

Welcome to the Sector Spin with Terry. In this new video series, I’ll be sharing with you what I’m watching each week in various industry subgroups. This week, I’m taking a look at Chinese Internet stocks in the Technology Sector.

Starting with the weekly RRG chart, this group has a history of leading performers but recently has been in a period of relative weakness which may be at a turning point again. For the first half of this year, many of these stocks held leadership positions relative to the benchmark S&P. Starting in mid to late August, I noticed the beginning of momentum decay, pushing most of these stocks down into the Weakening Quadrant.

By the first of October, BABA was the sole to remain in the Leading Quadrant. About that same time, hooks had begun to form in most that had dropped down into the weakening and even Lagging quadrant. Several have now joined BABA back in the Leading Quadrant. PDD up over 20% today after blowout earnings, I also think GSX is possibly nearing the end of consolidation, too

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Trading Analysis Terry Long

Trading Analysis Terry Long

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