Snap, Snaps back!

By Bennett Tindle October 22, 2020

Greetings traders & investors! Can you believe we are now 70 days away from 2021? In fact, did you know that 1990 is as far away as 2050 is?! Now I feel old. What a year it has been! And who knows what the world has in store for us next… So buckle up, rest up, and get ready for some excitement as we navigate the remainder of 2020 together!

In regards to the markets, we still feel comfortable on the long side — albeit with a few hedges on in our portfolios to protect against the possibility of a large corrective pullback into years end. And although we do see a pullback on the horizon, the depth and duration have still yet to be discovered. Join me for another public video update as we dive into the charts, as well as review upcoming earnings to be watching along with reviewing the massive breakout underway in Snapchat ($SNAP).