The Highest Time Frame

By TradingAnalysis February 14, 2020

We are in a bull market still. This is now a fact but how long can the party last? In this week’s post we go over why Todd has been so bull on the markets. Going back to the highest time frame.

In the next clip todd gives targets on what the current market could run up too. Noting that a 353% gain from the 2009 crash would be a target of 37,137 in the Dow.

With the current highest time frame targets in mind. Bennett now gives up an update on the daily time frame. Aligning all our analysis together. Which calls for targets to 4,280 in the SPX.

The 50-Day & 200-Day moving average will be important technical indicators to be watching in the next correction. With all the constant market news updates and click bait driven headlines. It’s easy to get lost TradingAnalysis Team contently reminds our customers that we are bullish and have been bullish since Q3 – Q4 of 2019. We are not saying to go out and buy stocks but to keep an open mind. We could be in for another secular bull run!