The TradingAnalysis Wednesday Live Stream w/ Todd Gordon – 10/9/19

By Todd Gordon
October 9, 2019

A case for bulls made in this weeks show. As we trade -3.18% from all time highs. The market news seems to get worse and worse. Yet with all the negative data coming out, the S&P is not far off the top. Todd remarks on different market scenarios. Pointing out how, we have yet to see impulsive selling. The works of half a deal trade?! And Positive News yet to hit markets. TradingAnalysis is still being conservative as we hold on to long term positions, with our capital on the sidelines… On the Forex & Bitcoin side Alek gives his thoughts on the DXY, and Bitcoins. Hope you enjoy the show. Please make sure to Like and Subscribe.

Hard Market / Chop | 1:303:40
Good Analogy | 3:404:40
S&P off only -3% | 9:3010:30
Must hold Zone | 13:3014:30
Different Wave Counts | 15:0016:00 
Clean 5 way move down | 17:0018:00
It’s all over if we are going lower | 18:5019:30
Alek’s half a trade deal now. | 21:2023:00
Positive News to hit the market soon? | 23:3024:20
News Accommodations | 24:3025:00
Lowest Realized Volatility | 25:3030:00
Put to Call Ratio | 41:5043:40
Aleks on DXY | 46:3048:50