The Trend, Is Still Your Friend

By Bennett Tindle April 13, 2021

Greetings traders and investors! The markets have been on fire recently, which should come as no surprise if you have been following our work. In my last public video update, I identified a bullish, motive impulsive trend off the March 25th lows. Our initial price objective for a breakout target was 4120, a level we reached yesterday and exceeded with today’s record intraday and closing high. While we are just around the corner from summer, which often brings lethargic, low-volume trading, I don’t think the trend is over yet. In fact, given the current price structure, a rally into 4250 – 4300 prior to any summer consolidation seems extremely likely. Tune in as I walk you through the charts, identifying my plan of action moving forward.

TA Live! Wednesday Live Stream – 4/14/2021

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