Why CNBC was too early on Rotation.

By TradingAnalysis Auguest 20, 2020

Last week on CNBC about a Dozen or more analysists come on the show to talk about how sector rotation was going take place into the markets. This means they recommended for people to get out of tech stocks and into other stocks. Trading Analysis noted how the NDX could keep rallying on Augest 12th show here is a clip.

As Todd explains, Optuma is designed to help us outperfom the SPX. Allowing us to pin point what sectors are leading the overall market and which are lagging.

In our next clip terry will start to explain how the software breaks down the SPX down. First it grabs all the sectors we want to compare the SPX with. Then it breaks down the sectors into different times frames Monthly, Weekly, and Daily…

In the last clip, we use Optuma to comparing each stock in the SMH to [it’s self]. Going in depth into what exact stock would be best to buy. As you can tell this is a [very powerful] tool. This is one of the many [tools] we use to gain our edge. Please comment what your thoughts are below and share this post!