Context is king. Though the daily charts and below may seem like it’s party time, the weekly charts and above will show you that there’s not too much room to climb until we’ve hit the summit. We’re positioned for higher prices, but must proceed up this icy, rocky, mountain peak with caution.

This Saturday June 9th at 11:00am be doing a webinar talking about the benefits of using MotiveWave™ and how to best use it.

Here are some topics that will be covered:
– The Power of the MotiveWave™ Platform and How to Best Use It.
– How Todd Sets up his Trading Platform.
– The Settings i use to gain an Edge.
– My Elliott Wave Analysis on MotiveWave™.
– Tips and Ticks to Save Time on the Platform.

Whether you are an experienced or a novice user of MotiveWave™, or are just curious about the features that this powerful trading platform contains, don’t miss out on this Free Educational Event! You will learn everything MotiveWave™!


Todd’s Trading Lifestyle Vlog #41 – Taken Way Too Soon