As much as we love trading volatility and am looking forward to a major top in the indexes, I think the crash is canceled for now and we’re looking to float the option butterflies in the ranges for now. Also, an important webinar tomorrow night on this new exciting feature in MotiveWave

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Free Webinar – MotiveWave Cloud Workspace Sharing Program

Wednesday March 7th, 8 PM New York time, 5 PM PST

Join us as we uncover the new MotiveWave cloud-based workspace sharing program where you can receive real-time Elliott Wave analysis on your MotiveWave charts direct from Todd Gordon’s personal trading workspcae. If you have questions, comments, or want to share your experience, come on by. Bring your computer microphone so you can ask us questions.




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Todd’s Trading Lifestyle Vlog #37 – Colorado Family Trip With A Touch of Dysfunction

Vlog 37 – Join us for the back-half our trip to beautiful Colorado for a family reunion and most importantly to celebrate Grandma’s 90th! In my usually dysfunctional manner we take the kids to a brewery and then a distillery and explore other cool parts of Colorado