The Monday Meeting with Amelia and Alex

These are unprecedented times globally both in the financial markets and personally. Amelia and Alex are teaming up, to give you the analysis of financial markets and the current environment to identify trading opportunities in foreign exchange markets.

Learning From the Experts

Amelia Bourdeau

Founder/CEO, Market Compass LLC

Career Details:

  • Started career at Federal Reserve Board in Washington D.C.
  • Worked at major FX trading banks: Deutsche Bank and UBS
  • G10 FX Institutional Sales & Trading at Westpac Bank and UniCredit AG
  • Advised numerous large global hedge funds, US institutions, US large corporations and private wealth offices on FX and event risk.

Bourdeau started her career at the Federal Reserve Board in Washington D.C in the International Finance Division. She continued her career at Deutsche Bank in NYC in the global markets division. Her buy-side experience includes working at two global macro hedge funds as the Head of Strategy. Bourdeau was the Head of North American Foreign Exchange Strategy at UBS and was a member of the UBS Commodity Research Board. Post-UBS, Bourdeau worked in Senior Foreign Exchange Hedge Fund and Institutional Sales positions at Westpac Bank and UniCredit AG Bank

Career Details:

  • 10+ Years in the Foreign Exhange Markets
  • Currently Leading the Foreign and Crypto service at TradingAnalysis
  • Adviser to corporate at hedging strategies
  • Proficient in Elliott Wave methodology

Aleksandar has been trading using the Elliott Wave methodology for 10 years which he learned from Todd Gordon. He is our leading foreign exhcange & crypto analyst and trader at TradingAnalysis. Trading on higher time frames with a marco overview.

Aleksandar Koprivica

Former Institutional Bank Trader

Obtaining Real Info That Ahead Of The Markets

Stay ahead of everyone else with NewsLetter

Between the mainstream media… alternative media… Wall Street guys in suits… and independent publishers… it’s hard to know who to trust.

For Think Tank to be a success – to be truly disruptive to the world of investment research– we knew it had to solve this problem.

We knew we had to recruit the very best financial minds in the world into our alliance. People who are at the very pinnacle of their fields… with proven track records and bulletproof credibility.

There is NO ROOM for ads, bias, “gurus” posing as experts, or “talking your book” in Think Tank (or anywhere on Real Vision).

What you get

Forex Master Webinar Details:

For 6 weeks, a Monday live to set you up for the trading week. The webinar sessions & recording will include:

• Review of themes and factors driving financial markets right now.
• A look across asset classes: equity markets, bond markets, commodities, and foreign exchange.
• Specific macro drivers of the foreign exchange market.
• A technical review of highlighted foreign exchange pairs and crosses.
• Identify trade opportunities for that week.
• Identify risks for the week.

European Dollar

Trade Room Join the Major League Stocks trading room to jump into the markets live with Rob 5 days a week. The best way to learn from a trader is to look over his shoulder and see what he is seeing. Ask questions, get clarifications on his setups and understand the why behind what he’s doing. Having a mentor in any field is important and there is no better way to gain that invaluable experience than in our trade room.

American Dollar

Alerts From Chart to phone the process couldn’t be any simpler. Rob shares the trades he is taking live in the market with real money. No simulators here. If you have ever heard put your money where your mouth is, that’s what you get by being part of our Major League Stock Alerts. Get notification as the trades are setting up directly to your phone. Don’t be that guy that’s always talking about the one he missed out on!

Japanness Yen

Nightly Videos Professionals review the tape after ever game for a reason. The best way to tweak your game is to see how you could have done it just a little bit better. Rob breaks down trades and talks strategy step by step while at the same time looking into potential setups for the next day. Some of the best trades that occur are setup the night before and you don’t want to miss out on that.

Other Currency

Morning Educational Review On most market mornings from 11:30 to Noon, The Major League Stocks moderator will spend about ½ hour reviewing the market and trades from that morning. The talk is designed to be highly educational as we detail both the strategy and the exact entry setup we played. Questions are always welcome and answered fully. If you are learning to trade, this is the best time of the day to access the trading room.