Todd has a unique teaching technique and methodology. He translates most technical materials into simpler language so it is easy to understand. As well as great teaching webinars he provides excellent power point course materials. Todd gives valuable trading advices based on his many years of experience that I appreciate most. I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to learn trading from him who has a tremendous amount of technical knowledge and trading experience.

I never studied Elliott Wave theory and Fibonacci analysis before, after 5 weeks learn to trade sessions I now understand better technical analysis of the financial market it is so exciting!!

Meryem Gul Cheltenham

I am very thankful to God that I know you and that I’ve joined the Trading Analysis. You guys are amazing at what you’re doing, the methodology is pretty straight forward and thoughtful enough. Maybe you don’t know this Todd, but you are my mentor, and I’m very thankful to you for all of my knowledge in trading, including the discipline of Elliott Wave Analysis. With every year I’ve been with you, I can see how you are improving with every trade and also what is not less important, is your attitude. You are taking care of your clients, because I don’t think that any company out there does anything similar TradingAnalysis. It’s a great pleasure to be with you, from month to month, from trade to trade. Looking forward with best regards. –

Lavrentry Chernov

I highly recommend Tradinganalysis.

The level of expertise and professionalism that Todd provides are unparalleled.

The system he uses is unique and successful….”Plan your trade, and trade your plan” really works! I have subscribed with Todd for over 5 years years, and before that followed him when he was at with his “Strategy of the Day”. He really takes the time to educate and explain the methodology of the system, and the reasons for making a trade so that I feel comfortable. Even better….he has made me money!

Tom Harlan

Since joining Todd I have learned to love the world of Elliott Wave Analysis and Fibonacci as it applies to foreign currency markets. But the key to being a successful, disciplined trader is their concept of Inter-Market Analysis, I.P.A., as well as their risk management philosophy. Todd has been excellent in their dedication to providing in-depth analysis on not only their active trades, but to other potential trades as well. The knowledge I have gained as a subscriber has allowed me to be a profitable part-time trader. Above all, the honesty and transparency in their performance results have proven that they are solid company with whom I am proud to be a part of.

Kevin Jackson

Well once again folks, Gordon’s clear concise style of presentation  with ‘real working tradable’ ideas renders him the
best in the industry..definitely recommend joining Trading Analysis! Actually the cheapest EWT guy out there. Love the oil trade and the perspective; please continue the work..Mcdonalds (MCD) trade was clairvoyant (sick premonition)!! I remain simply speechless again­ BOW DOWN TO THE G.Or.D.on!

Danny Carz

Already made profits with TG’s first trade going short on AAPLE, now the precocious Gordon ‘s gonna put more money in my account with this small long trade..I’m emphasizing this guy is the best in the Elliottwave business, he keeps the trades fresh and keeps them coming from different sectors def worth joining trading analysis!! ­5 starz for The G.O.rD.on.

Evelyn Ogwo

Hi Todd,

I’ve been following your videos for some time. I bet your one of the oldest Elliott followers still in business (besides bob himself). I watched a video of yours which I believe was in early 2000s about Elliott and Fibonacci. (although it looked like it was filmed in 70s).

Davood Wadi

1 month later he was right

Matt Biden

This has to be one of the best video’s out there for anyone wanting to see the bigger picture. Thank you Todd.

Angela Parkinson

Good stuff for short time trader.

Serge Hardy

GO r D on the prophet goes over GOLD (kid is friggin awesome!) so is the higher while all the other goldbug ‘fools’ are shorting

Rick Alter

Fantastic summary thanks Todd… awesome work.

Dion V.