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In the video below, Terry speaks to his contributions to the team at TradingAnalysis. He is a retired Senior Economist from ExxonMobil Chemical and now brings his corporate experience, technical insight, and passion for technical analysis to the TradingAnalysis Team.  As a prior TradingAnalysis member, he provides the perspective of the membership and strives to enhance the membership experience as evidenced by his role as Social Media Manager for our private Discord discussion groups.  His current specialty focus is Sector Rotational Analysis, where he is using the powerful Optuma™ platform to engage our clients with Relative Rotation Graph analysis.

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TradingAnalysis - Terry Long

TradingAnalysis - Terry Long

Research Director

Director of Research at – a research service created to share investing ideas and strategies with an emphasis on options trading leveraging Elliott Wave Theory and Fibonacci analysis.  

My area of emphasis is geared towards the US Markets (equities and index futures), highlighting sector trends, key developments and mergers and acquisitions. I am a retired chemical engineering professional with a diverse engineering and economics background and detailed knowledge in petrochemical and related industries.  I have a personal interest in finance, investing and specifically options trading including a deep understanding of applied Elliott Wave Theory.

My investment strategy is short-term/speculative-oriented while exploring avenues to maximize wealth in retirement. My analyses are focused on individual stocks, sector trends and niche opportunities primarily utilizing options trading.