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As the name implies, we are a provider of actionable market analysis and trade signals in the trading markets.

Instead of focusing on short-term results with finding the perfect indicator or quick hacks,

We think of trading as a boxing match that should be won with a decision after 12 rounds.

Using Elliot Wave Analysis and Fibonacci, we gain a trading edge by planning our trade, and trading our plan.

And we let our subscribers in on exactly what we’re doing.

Our goal is to not only provide insightful analysis and trade alerts, but as the quote from the infamous trading classic states,

“we show you how to think and grow as a professional trader”

Meet Todd Gordon

Hello! Thanks for visiting my website! I am originally from upstate NY. If you ask anyone in New York city where upstate is they say Westchester. No, I’m from like really far upstate NY – Saratoga, Lake George area. We used to have to hunt for our dinner. My career as a trader started back in college when I first fell in love with the game. I opened an Etrade account and spent my summers day trading around my job on the golf course. One particular trade I remember was symbol GEEK. I bought 50 shares, saw it rise $10.00 in less than 2 minutes, and made $500. This is great I thought! Little did I know that day trading online, on an AOL dial-up modem, paying $25.00 commission was not a sustainable business. Needless to say, I lost my tip money that summer, but I was hooked since I placed my first trade at 18 years old.

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You can expect to receive 2-4 free trading videos per week with clear, actionable, and relevant market commentary directly in your inbox.


Todd Gordon a great mentor.

Hey TG, I have been a follower since forex times. Now, as prolifice as I have gotten on Elliot+Fibs+MotiveWave all combined with options trading… I want to thank you for teaching me something that I love to do trading the markets… As the markets change sir, we adapt/change with it just to make sweet profits.

Read More…

Gia V.

Kudos to Trading Analysis For What You All Do!

I know Todd preaches it all of the time, but I thought hearing it from another member in the group might help drive the point home.

A chart count that took me 30 minutes in TradingView I was able to re-create in MotiveWave in all of about 5-8 minutes…

Read More…

Kudos to Trading Analysis For What You All Do!

I’d like to take a moment and thank everyone involved in this company. Being a trader with a background in trade analysis services myself, I know what it’s like being the hot seat…This team does a fantastic job using the most advanced and comprehensive form of technical analysis known to man, to bring each and every one of your trade ideas… So, thank you Todd Gordon and Terry Long for doing what you do. Read More…

Bennett T.


Educational Videos

We have a variety of both free and premium content trading tutorials for our subscribers.  Whether you are just starting to learn how to trade options or are an experienced trader looking to improve your skills with Elliott Wave and Fibonacci, we’ve got the content.


Look into the personal life of a family man and professional trader. I like to have fun with my family and friends and I’ll share those highlights with you. See Todd’s Trading Lifestyle Vlog #42

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Watch  Todd, Terry, and Aleks provide you with current Elliott Wave and market analysis.  Whether you trade US Stocks, index options, Blockchain, or Forex, we have a service for you.

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