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Climbing The Wave-5 Summit In Tech?

Context is king. Though the daily charts and below may seem like it's party time, the weekly charts and above will show you that there's not too much room to climb until we've hit the summit. We're positioned for higher prices, but must proceed up this icy, rocky,...

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When Trading Context is King

When identifying support and resistance levels that could result in trend changes, it pays to have the context provided by Elliott Wave analysis. Let's take a look at the NASDAQ 100 index to gain context and determine if this rally has room to run, or is headed for...

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Long Tech Despite Financial Weakness

We are proceeding with cautious optimism in technology with positive Delta butterflies. However, European concerns are reemerging dragging the financials lower. Todd’s Trading Lifestyle Vlog #41 – Taken Way Too...

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How To Trade An Uncertain Future

Let’s take a look at the noticeable divergence in the major US indexes and the emerging market index. What does it all mean? Here’s how we’re positioned and what we think the next step may be. Elliott Wave At Work In A NFLX Options Trade Wednesday Webinar – The Week’s...

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