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Traders Class Room

Watch Todd Gordon put Jeff Kennedy's forecast into action: Trader’s Classroom Meets Trading Analysis - Part 1 Trader’s Classroom Meets Trading Analysis - Part 2 Take advantage of the coming age of stock market volatility with actionable trade analysis and...

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How We’re Trading The Current Environment

The markets have been caught in political ping pong match and can’t seem to decide on a winner. Here’s how we’re navigating the current markets with index options and what to expect ONCE the current range-bound environment comes to a close. And I’ll tell you what, we...

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Bitcoin’s Last Stand

Bitcoin's Last Stand By Aleksandar September 06, 2018We at TradingAnalysis rigorously follow the Elliott Wave methodology to identify the prevailing market patterns  to then distill into clear cut trading opportunities. At TradingAnalysis we analyze each market at...

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Why Would I Sell SPX Calls If We’re Bullish?

Using the Elliott Wave Theory, I believe the 2018 consolidation is nearly complete and we’re going to use this specific option strategy to cash in if the triangle is complete and SPX is headed above 3k. Todd’s Trading Lifestyle Vlog #42 – The GREEK Wedding...

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