Who is Todd Gordon?

Founder of Trading Analysis, Trader, CNBC Contributor Since 2008, Father and Husband

Who is Todd Gordon?

Founder of Trading Analysis, Trader, CNBC Contributor Since 2008, Father and Husband

“I love surrounding myself with people who enjoy conversation. And I’m not talking about the superficial, self-interested style of today’s conversation – talk and then wait to talk next.”

Family Man, Company Man & Trader Man

Hello! Thanks for visiting my website! I am originally from upstate NY. If you ask anyone in New York city where upstate is they say Westchester. No, I’m from like really far upstate NY – Saratoga, Lake George area. We used to have to hunt for our dinner.

Back in college, I opened an E-Trade account with my summer job money from the country club. I was going to be a “day trader”. I remember one particular trade on an internet stock symbol GEEK and I somehow made my first $500 trade within 5 minutes.

The thrill of seeing my account balance go up for the first time,

the green numbers ticking on the screen,

me praying for the stock to keep going up…

I will never forget that. Do you remember that feeling?

What ended up happening was I lost most of my $3,000 account and realized day trading online with an AOL dial-up modem and $25 commissions was far from being a sustainable business model.

That was a humbling experience, but needless to say, I was hooked.

While I initially lost, the overwhelming sensation I had was one of curiosity.

I’d ask myself: “What’s possible if I give it my all? What can life look like if I dedicate my energy to being the best trader I can possibly be?”

This has been how I approached my journey as a trader since the beginning…

From working my way up as Prop Trader, to Technical Analyst at Forex.com, then Senior Trader at Gain Capital Asset Management, to being contracted by CNBC for over 300 appearances, to founding TradingAnalysis.com and this incredible community of like-minded traders…

… All while raising twin boys and a girl with my beautiful wife Tricia

I can tell you it’s been quite a journey…

My career as a trader started back in college when I first fell in love with the game. I opened an Etrade account and spent my summers day trading around my job on the golf course. One particular trade I remember was the symbol GEEK. I bought 50 shares, saw it rise $10.00 in less than 2 minutes, and made $500. This is great I thought! Little did I know that day trading online, on an AOL dial-up modem, paying $25.00 commission was not a sustainable business.

Needless to say I lost my tip money that summer, but I was hooked since I placed my first trade at 18 years old.

Quality Education

It’s my belief now that every company is also a Media Company. With technology playing such a big in the world today. I ensure my customers are getting the highest quality education though my Man Cave aka – Media Den. In the Man Cave I have Camera’s, Green Screens, 3 different PC’s, Audio devices, and much more. All in the goal to best get my message across.



Cryptocurrency Analyst & Forex Analyst

Aleksandar has been trading Elliott Wave for 10 years. He is our leading Cryptocurrency analyst. Aleksandar has not only been trading Cryptocurrency since the start of the coins he also activity trades Forex and the Stock Market. He has also worked at an International Treasury for several years.

Terry Long

Sr. Technical Advisor

Senior Technical Advisor at TradingAnalysis.com – a research service created to share investing ideas and strategies with an emphasis on options trading leveraging Elliott Wave Theory and Fibonacci analysis. 


Customer Support Specialist

As our lead customer support agent, Nick is responsible for overall customer satisfaction, making sure clients can navigate the logistical aspects of their courses and memberships and that any technical questions are covered by our analysts.


CNBC Commentary

Todd is currently in his second, 3-year contract as one of CNBC’s go-to technical analysts and has been trusted to share his market knowledge and actionable advice live on shows like Fast Money, Money in Motion, Squawk on the Street, and TradingNation.

Trading Actively

Tune in to Todd’s free trading videos for a deep dive on where the markets are right now and how to create a plan of action no matter where it’s headed.

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