Who is Todd Gordon?

Founder of Trading Analysis, Trader, CNBC Contributor Since 2008, Father and Husband

Who is Todd Gordon?

Founder of Trading Analysis, Trader, CNBC Contributor Since 2008, Father and Husband

“I love surrounding myself with people who enjoy conversation. And I’m not talking about the superficial, self-interested style of today’s conversation – talk and then wait to talk next.”

Family Man, Company Man & Trader Man

Todd Gordon is the founder and CEO of TradingAnalysis.com, as well as a contracted on-air contributor to CNBC for the last 10 years.  Todd has always loved the markets and began trading stocks while in college at St Lawrence University in upstate NY in between economics classes and downhill ski races and practices.

After college Todd moved to San Diego California to start his first job as a professional trader. After 4 years on the west coast it was time to come home where he worked on Wall Street in NY as an analyst for a brokerage and as a trader for their asset management program. After successfully navigating the global financial crisis for his clients and building a sizable Twitter following, Todd left the corporate world to start his own trading and analysis business aptly named TradingAnalysis.com

TradingAnalysis.com provides actionable market analysis and clear trading strategies in for both amateur and professional traders.  Todd trades his capital live alongside his clients based on the very same analysis and alerts published for customers.

Recently he left the hustle and bustle of the NYC metro area and moved home to Saratoga Springs NY with his wife Tricia, their twin boys, and baby daughter.  Todd enjoys cycling, golfing, skiing with the family, and still pretends he’s in his 20’s with the other 40+ yr olds in the local adult ski racing league.

Valued as one of the most respected and reputable traders in the industry, Todd’s international following comes from his ability to translate complex analytical concepts including Elliott Wave Theory, Intermarket, and fundamental analysis into clear and concise trading strategies.  His highly enthusiastic, easy-to-understand presentation style and TV and social media presence has sent him around the world to the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Australia, and has appeared frequently on CNBC, Bloomberg, Sky News, BNN, and  Fox news.  His clients value his clear and concise analysis and discipline as he consistently applies his analysis to his personal accounts.

Todd is also the founder and manager of his own independent wealth management firm, Inside Edge Capital.

Quality Education

It’s my belief now that every company is also a Media Company. With technology playing such a big in the world today. I ensure my customers are getting the highest quality education though my Man Cave aka – Media Den. In the Man Cave I have Camera’s, Green Screens, 3 different PC’s, Audio devices, and much more. All in the goal to best get my message across.


CNBC Commentary

Todd is currently in his second, 3-year contract as one of CNBC’s go-to technical analysts and has been trusted to share his market knowledge and actionable advice live on shows like Fast Money, Money in Motion, Squawk on the Street, and TradingNation.

Trading Actively

Tune in to Todd’s free trading videos for a deep dive on where the markets are right now and how to create a plan of action no matter where it’s headed.

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