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Update Monthly Motivewave is our premier trading platform. With advanced wave counts and the ability to save multiple wave counts on one chart. Motivewave is what TradingAnalysis uses to gain our edge.

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Software Features

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Watch this video training to start understanding the best Elliottwave Trading software we offer. Motivewave is packed with features for Elliott wave trading. Watch as Todd Gordon goes through just some of these features in this educational webinar.

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Updated Monthly Motivewave is the best Elliottwave Trading Software on the market.

Software Features

This is not your normal Trading Software

Elliott Wave

 Lifetime    6 Features

Manual Elliott Wave plotting tools, All Elliott Wave Patterns Supported, Enforces All Elliott Wave Rules and Guidelines, Warns you if an Elliott Wave Rule is Broken, Wave Labels Added for You, and Manual Decompose Elliott Wave Formation Tools

Advanced Fibonacci

 LifeTime     6 Features

Custom Ratio Sets & Styles, Regression Tools, Timelines (Ratio and Number), Ranges (Price and Time)

Advanced Charting

 LifeTime     5 Features

Circle, Ratio, Arc, Half Arc. Fibonacci Fan, Fibonacci Wedge. Fibonacci Box, Fibonacci Grid. Ranges (Price and Time)


LifeTime    5 Features


Trends help us determine where a stock has been and where it’s likely to go next. Learn how to spot trends and use them to your advantage.

Flag Breakout Strategy

LifeTime    5 Features

Flags are a simple, yet powerful trading strategy. In this lesson you’ll learn what this chart pattern looks like and how to trade it profitably.

Risk Management

 LifeTime     5 Features

If you want to be a trader, proper risk management is indispensable. You’ll leave this lesson understanding how to set stops and avoid losses so your account continues to grow.

Flat Top & Base Breakouts

 Lifetime    6 Features


You won’t want to miss these explosive trading strategies. Once you know how to find these two chart patterns, you’ll be seeing them everywhere!

Moving Average Pullback

 Lifetime    6 Features 

This is the perfect strategy for swing traders. It’s low risk, easy to manage, and can provide great rewards to patient, savvy traders.

Pullback to Price Support

 Lifetime    6 Features

Round out your introduction to day and swing trading with this handy strategy. It’s a low risk chart pattern that breakout traders find particularly useful.

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