Full Quadrant Sector Rotation Analysis

By TradingAnalysis
October 31, 2018

In this week’s Elliottwave Wednesday live-stream, Trading Analysis went over Optuma a proprietary sector rotation analysis software. Watch this clip, as Todd introduces the software. 

Optuma is designed to help us outperfom the SPX. Allowing us to pin point what sectors are leading the market and which sectors are lagging.

In our next clip Terry will start to explain how, the software breaks down the SPX. First grabbing all sectors in the SPX, then breaking down the sectors into different times frames Monthly, Weekly, and Daily…

As Terry illustrates, many different factors are used to create the graph you see above. As different sectors rotate, in and out of leading and lagging. We can then use this information to gain an edge.

In the last clip, we use Optuma to compare each stock in the Semiconductor ETF to SMH its self. Going in-depth on what exact stock would be best to buy…

In conclusion, todd and terry don’t come to an agreement on what exact stock to buy. As we continue to include Optuma in our analysis, our goal is to provide our customers and viewers with actionable analysis. Optuma is just one of the many tools we use to Pinpoint what exact securities would be best.

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