How To Identify and Profit From Market Reversals Using Elliott Wave and Options

By Todd Gordon
September 15, 2018

In this video I take you through the last 3 months of trading during this sharp reversal in the stock market. I’ll show you how we analyzed and navigated the market reversal using Elliott Wave and Fibonacci, and how I positioned and managed my LIVE option trades that were worth over $12,000. All of these trades were done in real-time with real capital and shared with our Members in real-time. Past performance does guarantee future results. Join us at TradingAnalysis for more trades and analysis.

Trading Analysis Todd Gordon

Trading Analysis Todd Gordon

Head Trading Analyst and Founder

Todd has been trading for the last 20+ Years. His goal is to not only provide insightful analysis and trade alerts, but as the quote from the infamous trading classic states, we show you how to think and grow as a professional trader. Todd uses Elliott Wave analysis to trading his edge. Todd has not only traded his money professionally he has also worked at two different hedge funds doing analysis and research. Click Here To Learn More Todd Gordon