Quiet Melt Up

By TradingAnalysis December 20, 2019

As we continue to melt higher, few traders are enjoying and are long for this move. Remember, overall sentiment has been predominantly bearish. The big question going forward will be, is this the top or will we the market continue higher? We are watching both possibilities closely, and given the right catalyst, a continued melt higher is highly likely.

As Todd explains it, with so much consolidation happening leading up to the breakout, chances are we continue higher. In fact, he expects the markets to continue marching higher into years end!

In our next clip, Todd points out that AAPL will be the stock to watch going forward, as it’s been our technical leader in painting the way to new highs. With that in mind, how will AAPL react heading into the end of the year?

Apple will be a key stock to watch.

Other stocks like LULU are also on our radar and in our portfolios, and we are watching for a near-term entry opportunity on the most recent correction.
Looking at the highest time frames LULU has much higher implied Fibonacci targets.

Stocks like LULU, SBUX, BABA & JNJ will be key symbols to watch going forward.

As we continue to march higher throughout the week, does a 4,000 target on the SPX sound unreasonable…

Long, long, & long. Trading Analysis has been in the handful of few who have correctly analyzed this bull run. We will continue our overall bull sentiment until our analysis paints a different picture. Don’t miss out on this opportunity learn more about the services we offer by clicking the banner below or CLICK HERE.