Rebound Or Countertrend – Market Update

By Bennett Tindle January 5, 2021

The markets rang in the new year with a sharp, swift correction to the downside, leaving many wondering if this is the start of a much larger sell off. It’s no secret that we’ve had an incredible rally since the March 2020 lows, and are getting a bit extended in terms of valuations. If a larger correction materializes, it should come as no surprise. We’ve been talking about and expecting a sizable correction to take place in early 2021 for the past few months. Yet even now our Chief Analyst sees a possible path to yet another new high prior to that correction taking place. Fortunately, our form of market analysis provides us with precise price levels to either confirm or invalidate our analysis, so be sure to tune in as Bennett walks you through the charts, highlighting the price structure in leading sectors and industry groups that support another rally to the upside.

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