Sector Rotation & The Elections

By Todd Gordon November 3rd, 2020

Can you believe the elections are finally upon us? Buckle up, things could certainly get interesting over the next few sessions if we don’t see a clear winner into the open tomorrow! In regards to investor sentiment, we continue to see diverging signals with very mixed sessions, including a seemingly defensive open to the week on Monday. Overall we remain optimistic and bullish heading into the new year, but won’t hesitate to trade any volatility that presents as a result of the elections.

Tune in above as our Founder & CEO Todd Gordon walks you through a historical comparison of the sector rotation we are seeing now verse the sector rotation going into the 2016 elections, noting some interesting similarities in the process! Todd continues to remain bullish and on the long side of the market, and as you will see his exposure remains consistent with minimal modifications. If we do see continued rotation into Materials and Industrials we can look to rebalance our allocations and pickup some additional exposure in those sectors.

TA Live Wednesday Live Stream – 11/4/2020