Sector Spin – Automotive Stocks

By Terry Long January 21, 2021

This week, I’m going to take a look at stocks in the Automotive industry subgroup of the Industrials Sector. This list not only includes US manufacturers, but also several international firms, some of which are traded through American Depository Receipts.

In my list, I’ve got these sorted by Market Cap. TSLA is at the top with a current market cap of over $800 Billion. Toyota Motors is the second-largest at $200 Billion followed by GM at $80 billion. Collectively, TSLA is currently valued more than all of the world’s car manufacturers. Makes one wonder if this is an overvalued condition? Look at this tremendous price appreciation which began in the 4Qtr 2019. TSLA stock rallied nearly 750% in 2020 alone.

Three Signs For A Market Correction

By Bennett Tindle January 12th, 2021

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