Tweet Driven Market to Poll Driven Market?

By Todd Gordon November 6th, 2019

Over the summer, market moves have been heavily dictated by political and Trump driven tweets. Headlines and more specifically presidential tweets regarding trade have significantly impacted sentiment, leading to essentially a range bound summer of back and forth volatility. Are the tides about to change? With Elizabeth Warren gaining traction, how will market participants react to the polls? Todd Gordon and the team at feel we may be on the cusp of a shift in focus, specifically moving our focus from tweets to poll data as we are now just one year away from the 2020 Presidential Election.

NDX Butterfuly in Profit.

By Trading Analysis November 7th, 2019

Despite the overall mixed sentiment and bearish rhetoric from many WallStreet analysts, Todd Gordon has remained confident in his market outlook. In fact he has on numerous occasions voiced his bullish outlook on CNBC (Todd has been a CNBC Contributor for over 10 years). Over the past month the team has been long the Nasdaq 100 via the use of an Broken Wing butterfly, a trade targeting the 8250 level in the NDX. We’ve booked half profits at nearly a double, and are currently sitting on a triple in the remainder of the position as the NDX is near our desired 8250 pin. This trade expires on November 15th, so be sure to tune back in for additional updates!

Bitcoin Update

By Aleksandar Koprivica October 7th, 2019

Our chief Forex and Crypto Analyst, Alex Kprovica has been absolutely nailing the moves in the crypto space. From predicting the December 2018 low months in advance to within a two week time-frame, and within 30 points of the low, to highlighting and forecasting the major reversal that followed. If you haven’t been following his work, you are missing the boat! In this video, as Bitcoin is trading near $9350, Alex highlights a near-term move into the 8400 – 8600 area (a zone of support he is watching for a reversal). We are now already pushing into the 8600 territory!