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This is really good video Todd. Even as a pure Elliottician, I found the information between 26 and 44 minutes to be riveting. – UltraPurple

One of the Best! Thx – Feliviy

Hope you feel better soon Todd, i got run over by the same thing last week, great lessons as always, good advice for rookies, many thanks for the time and effort on these. – Joseph

Tks great set of slides – John

Elliottwave Show Reviews, October 2019

Near Perfect trade with XLNX – jay

Keep an eye on the XLNX position, if XLNX stays above 94, you can let the position expire worthless. It’s currently trading about $0.08  buy to close your position. – TradingAnalysis Terry Long

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Great trade Shorting BTC. Thank you Aleksandar and team for guiding us through this one. Well worth all the patience we’ve needed up to this point! – David

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I really enjoy the TA+TC collaboration. The only thing that could make it better is if you could make it a standard daily video! – Brain I really enjoy these sessions. I’m always looking for next sessions. We learn good information about how to trade Elliott waves in this session. Trading options is seems less risky as well. Good job guys, really appreciate it. – Hari

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Hi Alex, Terry and Todd I like to say that i really like the forex trader membersgroup. I have spend the last three years learning about Elliott wave, i spend hours and hours on the 1m, 5m, and 15m (For 3 years….) Now i am at a stage where i almost can recognize every wave, but i cant label them correctly yet. (the corrective waves) I have searched a lot for a good teacher ( even at EWI) and you Alex count waves as i see them. And usually its right and if it is not working out adjusted right. So i am very happy to be trading with you. – Heleen

Full Testimonial, Feb 2019

Hi Todd, my name is Alessandro and I am your new premium member, I wanted to congratulate you on your work and tell you that it is exactly what I was looking for, I would like to be a professional trader and full time, already I’m doing it about 2 years with good results, but ‘I was looking for a method that would allow me to increase my performances without losing eyes and head on intraday futures, I know Elliott for a long time and I use it constantly for my operability’, but ‘I discovered the world of options recently and I was looking for a way to match them with Elliott.
Then I met you and your work and I thought “WOW” exactly what I was looking for, a master in Elliott’s analysis and Options, with the two things joined together! perfect! along with your work in its entirety, your blogs, insights and your community (I missed the comparison with other traders) I think I have come to the right place to grow professionally and humanely.
I do not use socials very much, but I love your way of sharing your life, it makes everything more ‘friendly and human even to those who live very far away like me.
I’m Italian but I live in a group of small islands east of North Africa, the Canary Islands!
Sorry for the long mail but I wanted to congratulate your work and introduce myself.
Excuse me for my English, it’s still not good for a good conversation, but I’m working on it!
I would also like to ask you a specific question that reflects the long-term portfolio, what time objectives do you have for these investments and if you think you can follow it even now, do you communicate any changes you make in real time?
Thanks for your time and availability, one day I hope to meet you in person!
Have a nice day!
– Alessandro

Full Testimonial, Jan 2019

The best part of your service is the education you provide. I would think that members that use the trades you provide aren’t taking full responsibility for their trades. If instead, they constructed trades for your review more would be learned. All the analysts of indexes and stocks is great. I’ll continue to review the training I’ve purchased because it’s invaluable and always has the answers to questions i might have and perhaps I’ll return sometime as a members. Thanks for helping to educate me and grow my earning percentage from 50 – 60 to 100% of my account – Sincerely Ed Morawski.

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Kudos to Trading Analysis For What You All Do! I’d like to take a moment and thank everyone involved in this company. Being a trader with a background in trade analysis services myself. I know what it’s like being the one in the hot seat. digesting charts and calling trades it isn’t easy at ALL. Having the confidence to issue an alert and stand behind a position, even when you yourself would feel comfortable taking… These are professional traders, approaching account management like a business, and trying to instill these values in each and every one of you. – Bennett Tindle

Bennett Tindle

Hey TG, I have been a follower since forex times. Now, as prolific as i have gotten on Elliot + Fibs + MotiveWave all combined with options trading… I want to thank you for teaching me something that i love to do, trading the markets… As the markets change sir, we adapt/change with it just to make sweet profits. TG a great mentor. I really appreciate your hard work. – Gia Vill

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You have exactly what I wanted in a crypto trading subscription! 1. A Trusted leader with a balanced personal life. 2. High-Level Elliot Wave Analysis 3. no silly every 25-minute intra-day charts 4. Ability to interact with others 5. Hopefully, you have a sound crypto calls 🙂 I just subscribed and watned to let you know the experience I am having so far. The 3 charts you have (Major, Minor, Minute) are genius. It keeps me away from staring at the screen… and waiting for the next candle to show up, instead, i can practice my own analysis to charts. Just all together experience feels like you are there for the person and doing what you love. Gload to be onboard. -Artemis

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You all should join TA membership great community and priced respectfully for the content received I truly enjoy it especially through this correction id be toasted without Todd on my side.

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Todd has a unique teaching technique and methodology. He translates most technical materials into simpler language so it is easy to understand. As well as great teaching webinars he provides excellent power point course materials. Todd gives valuable trading advices based on his many years of experience that I appreciate most. I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to learn trading from him who has a tremendous amount of technical knowledge and trading experience. I never studied Elliott Wave theory and Fibonacci analysis before, after 5 weeks learn to trade sessions I now understand better technical analysis of the financial market it is so exciting!!

Meryem Gul Cheltenham

Since joining Todd I have learned to love the world of Elliott Wave Analysis and Fibonacci as it applies to foreign currency markets. But the key to being a successful, disciplined trader is their concept of Inter-Market Analysis, I.P.A., as well as their risk management philosophy. Todd has been excellent in their dedication to providing in-depth analysis on not only their active trades, but to other potential trades as well. The knowledge I have gained as a subscriber has allowed me to be a profitable part-time trader. Above all, the honesty and transparency in their performance results have proven that they are solid company with whom I am proud to be a part of.

Kevin Jackson