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Trading Options With Fibonacci Harmonics Patterns

We take a look at a nice Gartley sell pattern in the energy ETF “XLE”.  Then, to formulate our option strategy, we turn to the Elliott Wave pattern to lay out the ideal strikes and expirations to take advantage of the coming move. If you are unable to view... read more

Is Elliott Wave Too Subjective To Use In Trading?

Is Elliott Wave too subjective to be useful in trading?  Todd runs a scan using MotiveWave software and comes up with a great setup in Home Depot.  In 10-minutes Todd does a top-down analysis of the stock using Elliott Wave and Fibonacci and then lays out the ideal... read more

Todd on CNBC – Crude Oil Is Going To $26

Crude oil futures briefly dipped below $40 a barrel on Wednesday, as crude’s November drop continues. And one technical analyst sees oil falling much lower even from these levels. Todd Gordon of begins by noting that in the financial crisis,... read more

Would You Like An On Demand Trade Setup in NFLX?

Free Webinar – Best Trades Of The Week  with Todd Gordon We’re going to show you… Complete Analysis of Current Market Situation Best Trade Setups For the Rest of the Week Tips and Tricks with MotiveWave Software Extensive Q&A session including analyzing... read more

How Far Can The USD Rally?

The Euro is falling as the Eurozone is likely to increase quantitative easing efforts following the Parisian attacks as the Fed is likely to raise rates. How far can the USD rally? How can you trade it, watch this 5-minute as Todd Gordon unfolds the trading levels,... read more

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