Profits, Bonds, & Special Guest

By Todd Gordon November 19rd, 2019

On October 11th we established a broken-wing call butterfly in the NDX centered around the 8250 strike, with a November 15th expiration. We initiated this trade between $11 and $13 per fly, and were trading over $60/fly the day before expiration (just 7 points away from our center strike, or the “body” of the butterfly).

With the majority of Wall Street bearish, how were we able to successfully identify and capitalize on the low and subsequent move higher in the markets? The answer is the Elliott Wave Principle.

Tomorrow we have the pleasure of hosting and interviewing the one, the only, Andrew Baptiste. Andrew has nearly three decades of Wall Street experience, and applies Elliott Wave Principle at the institutional level. He spent 14 years at JP Morgan before moving to Morgan Stanley where he spent 13 years as the Chief Technical Analyst in the fixed income division. He is a major proponent of the Wave Principle, you wont want to miss what he has to say!

Special Guest - Former JP Morgan Executive..

Special Guest - Former JP Morgan Executive..

In this weeks episode we will be having special guest Andrew Baptiste. Andrew has spent 30 years on Wall Street, holding senior positions at Morgan Stanley and J.P. Morgan. We will cover applying the Elliottwave Approach to your trading and life. Drew has studied under Bob Prechter himself and has changed not only his life but his families, with the work of Elliottwave. Turn in this Week to hear his story.