The S&P is in a nosebleed area right now.

Who knows where it will stop?

BUT, there are signs that there is still a lot of strength in this market.

Julius de Kempenaer is the creator of RRG – Relative Rotations Graphs.

And in this exclusive FIRST video from Julius he tells you exactly what the RRG is predicting for this market.

Be sure to watch to the 2:25 minute mark to get the sectors that are the ONES to watch!

Todd Gordon

Todd Gordon

Founder and Lead Analyst of Trading Analysis

Todd has been trading as a career for the last 20+ years. His goal is to not only provide insightful analysis, but to teach people how to think and grow as professional traders. Todd is a practitioner of Elliott Wave Theory and he uses it to gain an edge in the highly competitive trading arena. In addition to trading professionally, Todd has worked as an analyst and researcher at two different hedge funds. Click Here To Learn More about Todd Gordon