GM Falls On Chip Shortage, But Traders See Opportunity For Some Stocks

General Motors is the latest company to sound the alarm on a chip shortage, warning it could reduce full year earnings by up to $2 billion.

And it’s not the only one – Ford, solar company Enphase, Xbox maker Microsoft and PlayStation parent Sony are also feeling the semiconductor squeeze.

On the other side of the supply chain, some of the top chipmaker stocks could benefit from increased demand and pricing power.

This is the semiconductor stocks’ time to shine, according to Todd Gordon, founder of

“I’ve been overly bullish for years and I continue to be,” Gordon told CNBC’s “Trading Nation” on Wednesday. “I think we’re literally in the next tech boom – 5G, Internet of Things, smart homes, self-driving cars, virtual reality. There’s so many things that chips need to go into, and the demand is going to continue to explode.”

Gordon said Nvidia, in particular, shows a promising trend.

“I love the technical setup, looks like if we can get above $600, we actually don’t have … resistance until about $1,000,” said Gordon, who holds shares in the company.

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