Important Announcement: TradingAnalysis Now Covers Forex – Enjoy This FREE Currency Markets Update

By Aleksandar & Terry
September 27, 2018

We’d like to share some exciting news with our TradingAnalysis community!

In an effort to serve our rapidly growing community of traders, we’ve decided to take an extra step to help meet your need for insightful and timely analysis in a number of different markets.

After hearing valuable feedback from our members and working diligently over the last few months in preparation for this release, we are happy to announce that…

We have added Forex coverage to our Premier services, headed by our lead Crypto/FX Analyst Aleks Koprivica.

Enjoy this FREE video we’ve prepared which covers crucial updates in the Forex markets and how we’re positioned to take advantage of future currency moves.

One day after the September Fed meeting, while expected volatility is not very high, we are starting to see good setups in the Forex pairs currently covered.

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Trading Analysis Aleksandar

Trading Analysis Aleksandar

Blockchain Analyst

Aleksandar has been trading and anlayzing markets with Elliott Wave for over 10 years. He is our lead analyst for the Blockchain crypto service and will also head up our forth-coming Forex service. Aleks works closely with our CEO Todd Gordon on market analysis and trading opportunities. Aleks has worked at an International Treasury and on a institutional trading desk many years. Click Here To Learn More About Aleksandar.